Christopher Moon

Christopher Moon had his first paranormal experience at the age of seven. Daily occurrences from that time on included objects disappearing and reappearing; doors opening and closing on their own fruition, strange shadows and light anomalies, and nightly haunted sonnets on the family’s one hundred year old grand piano. He also discovered that he had a definite psychic/medium sense, and began traveling on his life journey doing remedial paranormal investigations at a mere 13 years of age.

A musician by trade, Christopher spent many years playing in and touring with Rock and Metal bands. Eventually his interest in the paranormal overtook his passion for music, and Christopher chose to become a full-time professional investigator. Wanting the paranormal community and general public to become aware of what he had known for years, that the paranormal existed and could be documented, he partnered with his father, a devout skeptic, in developing a magazine that would represent a truly balanced view of the subject. Consequently, Haunted Times Magazine was born in 2004, and is currently considered the largest and best paranormal magazine in the world, as voted by the International Paranormal Acknowledgement Committee.

While searching for magazine staff in 2004, Christopher was contacted by an engineer by trade, Frank Sumption, who claimed to have a device that allowed two-way audio communication with spirits. Skeptical, Christopher met with Mr. Sumption at his workshop for a demonstration. Christopher was astounded to find that the device that Frank Sumption had built was actually designed through the E.V.P. (Electronic Voice Phenomena) of deceased scientists. It quickly became obvious to Christopher what Frank Sumption had done; he had completed the infamous Thomas Edison Telephone to the Dead. Frank graciously offered to give Christopher one of the machines to use in the field. He accepted, and first used the device while investigating the famous Sallie House in Atchison, Kansas. The machine worked flawlessly, and Christopher and his team collected real time E.V.P. evidence directly from the spirits in the house. Christopher refers to this device at the Spirit Telephone. It is also referred to as The Telephone to the Dead, and most commonly, Frank’s Box. No matter what the name, the device has become an invaluable tool in Christopher’s paranormal research.

In March 2007, Christopher was invited to lecture about his research at the Ghost Chasers Weekend Conference in Savannah, Georgia. It was at this conference, where Christopher realized his talents using the Spirit Telephone would be needed in more than a paranormal research capacity. His presentation quickly turned into a public demonstration of the device. One by one, attendees asked to speak with loved ones who had passed. Surprisingly, even to Christopher, these requests were met with comforting, and sometimes vital messages.

Since that conference, Christopher has been asked repeatedly to use the Spirit Telephone to perform personal, private readings for people worldwide. Although reluctant at first, Christopher realized the impact he had on the attendees at the Savannah conference, and decided to begin using his psychic and medium abilities, as well as the device to perform private readings to the public.

The International Paranormal Acknowledgement Awards recently named Christopher the best male Instrumental Transcommunication and Real Time Spirit Communication researcher in the world. Both awards, Christopher has worked tirelessly to achieve, and is honored to have won.

In 2009, Christopher realized that his life journey was beginning to lead him on a more spiritual and enlightened path, as he began receiving requests from fellow psychics and mediums requesting readings using the Spirit Telephone. He helped them connect with their spirit guides as well as give them insight into their past lives. Using the Spirit Telephone in the metaphysical realm felt inherently right for Christopher, and he began teaching seminars around the United States on Spirit Communication as a whole, based on his years as a paranormal researcher, his time using the Spirit Telephone, and the information he had been learning from colleagues in the metaphysical community. He also began using his psychic/medium abilities in concurrence with the Spirit Telephone to give the public a chance to communicate with their loved ones residing on a different plane, and to discover and speak with their spirit guides. He was also fascinated with just how many people were curious to learn about their past lives, and he was eager and thrilled to help uncover the answers they were seeking.

Christopher enjoys teaching his “Spirit Communication” seminar, which offers the public insight into the early days of séances to the modern times of EVP and the Spirit Telephone. He gives a full overview of the ways people have sought communication with the other side, including the many myths and dangers associated with doing so. He also enjoys hosting gallery readings using the Spirit Telephone, followed by giving the public an opportunity to receive a private reading with Christopher and the device. Some of the locations Christopher has been fortunate enough to work with, include Belcourt Castle in Newport, Rhode Island; Hotel San Carlos, in Phoenix, Arizona; the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast, in Fall River, Massachusetts; Visions by JDR New Age Shop, in Springfield, Illinois; The Whaley House, in San Diego, California; The Brumder Mansion in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; The Carolina Inn, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina; Spirit Wise Metaphysical Store, in Denver, Colorado; the Maison de Ville, in New Orleans, Louisiana; The Villisca Axe Murder House, in Villisca, Iowa; the historic Oxford Hotel, in Denver, Colorado; the Garibaldi-Meucci Museum, in Staten Island, New York; Mystic Enchantments Metaphysical Store, in Springfield, Illinois; Waverly Hills Sanatorium, in Louisville, Kentucky; Eastern State Penitentiary, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and the Bellevue Biltmore, in Clearwater, Florida.

Christopher is also fixture at various metaphysical and paranormal conventions around the United States and Canada, and speaks at several college campuses around the country, lecturing on his paranormal and spirit communication research and techniques and providing positive evidence, as well as interactive gallery readings and paranormal investigations using the Spirit Telephone. His television appearances and interviews include, most notably, truTv Network’s “Door to the Dead”, NBC’s “Today Show”, A & E Network’s “Paranormal State”, and the Travel Channel’s “Most Extreme Places to Stay” and “Ghost Adventures”, as well as numerous ABC, CBS, NBC, CW (formally the WB), and FOX affiliate stations around the country. He has appeared on many nationwide radio programs, such as Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, Coast to Coast AM with Ian Punnit, Kiss FM’s nationally syndicated morning show with Johnjay and Rich, Providence’s WPRO FM morning show with Giovanni and Kim, Long Island’s WRCN morning show with Dave and Glenn, TAPS Radio Beyond Reality, KHOW Radio, Denver, with Peter Boyles, Canada’s Richard Syrett Show, BBS Radio – Beyond Two Worlds Radio Show, Clear Channel Radio’s Real Paranormal Talk, A.P.S.R. Paranormal Talk Radio, Ghostology Radio Show, Shadows in the Dark Radio Show, X-Zone, Spooky Southcoast Radio Program, Late Night Live Radio Program, and many more.


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