Paulette “Mamma” Moon

It was at a very young age that Paulette “Mamma” Moon knew that she was different. While other children were simply at play she was learning about how to use the “Fortune Cards” cards from her eccentric Aunt Anna. Though she felt very comfortable with her ever developing psychic gifts she was told by her mother, also a clairvoyant, not to tell anyone of her abilities for fear of being locked away. Frightened by her mother’s warning she kept her gifts close to the vest not divulging the secret to more than a small handful of friends.

Life went on quietly until after she had married and became pregnant. While with child she was in a car accident that moved her pregnancy to an odd angle. One night while she was sleeping she woke to a full bodied apparition of a women warning her not to let the doctors take the baby C section as the child would not survive. When she did finally go into labor the doctors did attempt to insist that the only option was to take the child was C section. Remembering the apparitions warning, she held out hope for twenty three and a half hours until a nurse was able to maneuver the baby and he was born naturally. The baby was born at 3:16am on March 25th. It turns out that her grandmother who has passed away months earlier was born on March 24th. The identity of the apparition was solved.

When her son Chris turned seven years old she noticed that he too was showing signs of communication with the other side. She watched closely as he claimed to be visited by spirits nightly. She encouraged his psychic development by listening to him and taking him to purportedly haunted locations to see what he would relay. It wasn’t until many years later that Mamma Moon’s gifts would resurface in the most interesting of locations. While on a ghost hunt of a cemetery with Chris’s paranormal magazine team she was inundated with emotions of sadness and grieving that stayed with her for days. It soon became clear to her that her empathic abilities had reignited and that she was experiencing not only the sadness of the spirits there but also the emotions left by the hundreds of mourners through the years. It was at that moment that she knew that she had to use her gifts to help people. She began to go back to the teachings of her aunt Anna and reconnected with Tarot Cards, Palmistry, Chakra Energy, Tea Leaves and other abilities using the gifts of Psychic Empathy and Clairvoyance to provide readings for individuals in need of insight.

Mamma Moon has traveled the world with her son Chris since 2003 conducing paranormal investigations, classes and lectures, Psychic Galleries, Private Readings, The Moon Family Psychic Experience in colleges and universities and now the Night of The Unknown. Mamma Moon has been featured on many television networks including FOX and “Scariest Places on Earth” on the ABC Family channel.